Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Team

One of our biggest assets is our sales and marketing team which includes highly qualified and trained personnel to service our clients on a daily basis. The sales and medical representatives visit pharmacies, health food stores , retail outlets and healthcare professionals according to a specific roster which enables us to regularly visit all clients in an organised manner. We strive to motivate these inidivduals as we know that these representatives are key to our success and to achieving our company goals.

Complementing the team are our in-house designers and developers who maintain our websites, keep our social media pages updated and produce all our marketing material.


We regularly organise product launches and PR Events to gain brand exposure, carefully selecting the right media for our seasonal and branding advertising campaigns.

To promote our pharmaceutical and dermatological brands we carryout in-house training seminars. These are held on an ongoing basis to update pharmacists and sales personnel and complement their product knowledge. We also participate in various health related conferences and exhibitions throughout the year.

In store promoters are also employed to promote certain brands where direct consumer marketing is required.