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Striving to better your health

We are proud to be a key member of the healthcare sector in Malta and Gozo. We are a young, dynamic company with years of valuable experience behind us.

“We’ve found that Pharma.MT stock the best products for our pharmacy.”

Jonathan, Pharmacist

Leading the Next Generation of Pharma

Our Brands

Pharma.MT partners with leading pharmacy brands to offer our consumers the best products on the market. By doing this we support our commitment to delivering premium quality and excellence to all our clients.

Our Products

Pharma.MT offers scientifically backed and innovative products designed to meet the evolving needs of the field. Our combined experience in pharmaceuticals and dermo-cosmetics enables us to adopt a holistic care approach: addressing prevention, treatment, and support with equal emphasis. Our goal is to provide products that not only meet the industry standards but also exceed the expectations of our customers.

Skin Care

Natural Medicines


Nutritional Supplements

Our Services



We provide marketing services for different healthcare products. Our team comprises of sales and medical representatives, graphic designers, and digital marketing experts capable of executing comprehensive traditional and digital marketing campaigns. Together, we leverage our expertise to effectively promote and showcase our clients’ products in the most impactful and innovative ways.

In-house Expertise

360° Marketing Strategies



We have state-of-the-art IT systems and storage facilities spanning more than 600 m² for room temperature and approximately 300m² for Cold Chain products. Our warehouses are GMP and GDP licensed with an inbuilt climate-controlled system and can accommodate Medicinal Products, Narcotics or psychotropic products, Immunological Medicinal products, and Cold Chain Products.

Spacious & Controlled

Regulatory Compliant



We have a significant distribution fleet and a close working relationship with local wholesalers, enabling us to provide all our clients with daily deliveries. This distribution system services all pharmacies, health stores, retail outlets, and centralised government agencies in Malta and Gozo.

Efficient Deliveries

Island-Wide Coverage



GMP Guidelines describe regulations to ensure consistent quality and safety of products by focusing on five key components: products, people, premises (facility/equipment), processes, and procedures. Our capabilities and facilities allow us to provide various GMP services to prospective customers.

GMP-Centric Expertise

Total GMP Assurance


EU QP Services

A QP is a highly specialised and rigorously qualified role needed to release and approve any drug or pharmaceutical imported into the EU. We have the experience and knowledge to provide a reliable and complete service, whether ensuring compliance with EU GDP/GMP or providing a Responsible Person (RP) or a Medical Device Responsible Person (MDRP).

Expert QP Services

RP & MDRP Persons


Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs bound all of the regulatory protocols surrounding the development of medicine. Our team ensures conformity to local legislation regarding wholesale licence applications and liaison with competent authorities on all compliance aspects.

Local Expertise

Compliance Assurance


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance services can be contractual or ad hoc and are targeted to small and medium pharmaceutical companies. Through our ever-expanding network of partnerships, we are in an ideal position to bring together pharmaceutical suppliers, regulatory professionals, and Competent Authorities most effectively.

Tailored QA Assurance

Partnership Network



Our Pharmacovigilance/ Cosmetovigilance department monitors and reports the effectiveness and any adverse effects or side effects of products and devices we represent. All the data is carefully recorded, analysed, and processed to maximise product safety and performance and minimise adverse effects. We do regular audits by external PV companies to keep up with global requirements.

Consistent Vigilance Checks

Regular Auditing

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Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

Supporting Victims of War

Out of respect to the neutrality of Malta, our multicultural workforce as well as the international brands we represent, Pharma.MT, as a company will never make a political statement. However, the war in Ukraine has displaced millions of people and continues to cause suffering.

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Blue light is a type of light that is emitted by both natural and artificial sources, such as the sun, computer screens, and smartphones. While we may be more familiar with the blue light from digital devices, the sun radiates a much more intense blue light.