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Aboca presents a new form of treatment based on a medicine aware of the physiopathological mechanisms of the organism, with innovative, effective and safe products for health and well-being. The brand is dedicated to constantly training health professionals to bring real value to people, building relationships of trust, helping them to understand their bodies and spreading an awareness of the importance of our connection to our surroundings. To this end, they have also developed a series of cultural initiatives including events, scientific conferences, Aboca Edizioni publications and the Aboca Museum. Aboca believe that real success can only be achieved if we are able to combine economic growth, social justice and respect for the environment. These values have always been part of the brand's DNA, and today they are officially a Benefit Corporation and a certified B Corp, a formal recognition of its commitment to the Common Good.

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Natural and biodegradable products for people's health that respects the human body and the environment

Aboca’s name is part of their story and is the foundation of their identity. Aboca is the place where it all began and where the company still has its main headquarters. Medicinal plants have been cultivated in the land around Aboca since as early as the 13th century. According to the etymology, the term Aboca comes from “Abiga”, an ancient name in dialect for yellow bugle, a medicinal plant with purifying properties. That’s where Aboca can be found, nestled in the Tuscan hills, where they have their roots. And that’s where Aboca continues to plan for the future.

Aboca began its exploration in the field of natural health in a revolutionary way. It set up a fully vertically integrated supply chain, from the production of quality raw materials and organic farming, right up to testing the pharmacological and clinical effects of products.
Distribution also plays a key role through the development of selective networks and a pharmacy network under the Apoteca Natura brand, established in 2000. In 2016, Apoteca Natura acquired 80% of the AFAM municipal pharmacies in Florence, where it is experimenting with new ways of delivering pharmacy services.

In 2019, Aboca achieved a turnover of €228 million. Today it has 1,700 hectares of land where it cultivates more than 60 species of medicinal plants and owns 21 national and international patents. It exports to 17 countries and its products are distributed through pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbal shops. Over 1,600 employees work for the company in Italy and abroad.