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For 50 years Clonmel have stood for the highest levels of quality in supplying pharmaceutical products. Whatever the problem may be, you can count on Clonmel. In Malta we offer a wide portfolio of both prescription medicines and over the counter Clonmel products.

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Pioneering Healthcare Solutions

Clonmel is dedicated to redefining the landscape of healthcare through innovation, integrity, and a commitment to improving global well-being. As a leading pharmaceutical company, it leverages cutting-edge research and development to deliver a diverse portfolio of high-quality, life-enhancing medications.

Clonmel embraces a culture of continuous innovation, striving to push the boundaries of science to develop groundbreaking pharmaceutical solutions that address unmet medical needs.

Quality at Clonmel is paramount. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that the products meet and exceed the highest industry standards, providing healthcare professionals and patients with confidence in our offerings.

Furthermore, the brand is committed to making a positive impact on a global scale by actively contributing to public health initiatives and collaborating with healthcare professionals, organizations, and communities to improve access to vital medications.