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Fertilovit® has helped many people all over the world to achieve their biggest dream: becoming parents. All of their products are manufactured according to orthomolecular principles. In order to ensure the quality and benefits of end products, only ingredients with superior purity, efficiency, and bioavailability are chosen. Manufacturing of products complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of EU and each batch is additionally tested by independent, certified laboratories to ensure purity. Most formulas are patent protected and we keep investing in research and development.

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Fertilovit® products have been developed in collaboration with leading fertility experts and are based on the latest scientific findings

In addition to many environmental factors, especially the parents’ lifestyle and diet during preconception and pregnancy can have an important impact on their child’s health. These findings stem from the science of epigenetics. This relatively new branch of research explains how environmental factors can change the activities of genes and how these changes are passed on to the offspring. To be able to meet all the needs of the newly emerging life, the future mother should therefore pay attention to a healthy lifestyle with a wholesome and balanced diet even before conception. In everyday life with its diverse burdens, in the case of smokers or with increased stress at work and during leisure, unfortunately, this is sometimes neglected. The targeted supplementation of appropriate vital substances can make an important contribution to preventive health care.

Fertilovit® contains a specific combination of vitamins and other micronutrients which contribute to the protection of sensitive spermatozoa and oocytes from detrimental oxidative stress. In addition to this, every product features a comprehensive micronutrient supply, supporting healthy sperm and oocyte development.

Different preparations account for specific needs. Fertilovit® Mplus support the development of spermatozoa and protects them from oxidative stress. Fertilovit® F and Fertilovit® F 35plus have been tailored to meet the needs of women during preconception and pregnancy. Fertilovit® F 35plus is recommended for women from 35. Fertilovit® F Endo is designed for women with endometriosis. For women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, Fertilovit® F PCOS supplies supportive micronutrients.