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Quest develops, manufactures and sells naturally-inspired and scientifically proven nutraceutical and food supplement products for specific health needs. Quest's manufacturing facilities hold GMP certification from the EU Medicines Authority for more than thirty years. They also hold GMP certification from several other regulators in Africa, Middle East and Asia. Quest manufacture more than two hundred million nutraceutical products annually in tablet and capsule forms, including vitamins, minerals, multi-nutrients, omega oils, enzymes, specialist supplements, phyto-nutrients, probiotics and natural-based pharmaceutcials.

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Inspired By Nature, Guided By Science

Quest Nutra Pharma was founded in 1982 and consists of companies based in the UK, EU and UAE. The group is inspired by nature and dedicated to innovation, science and quality, delivering products and health solutions to both end-consumers and to food supplement, nutraceutical, health retail and pharmaceutical businesses worldwide. Nutra Pharma describes Quest’s niche position between two industries, combining the best of the pharmaceutical and natural health industries with the principles of science, safety, manufacturing standards, effectiveness and traceability from the pharmaceutical industry. They call this  TheQuestWay™.

Quest develops, manufactures and sells scientifically proven and naturally-based Nutraceutical products for specific health needs. Quest’s products are developed and supported by a clear scientific platform to deliver the impact and health solutions for which they are designed.

Quest is one of the few companies in the world that can claim its probiotic products are made 100% in-house, from its proprietary probiotic master cultures stored -80oc to the finished packed product on the retailer shelf. The potency and stability of Quest probiotics are verified, tested and proven, guaranteeing the final products’ effectiveness. Key probiotic characteristics, especially survivability & efficacy characteristics, have been tested and proven for the Quest strains, guaranteeing their effectiveness. This is made possible by using innovative DR® encapsulation, ensuring that the probiotics bypass the stomach and are released directly into the intestines where they can colonise and confer their health benefit.

Pharma MT launched the Quest brand in Malta back in 2008. Ever since, Quest has become the number one food supplement brand on the local market. Within our portfolio, we have a number of products that have become household names like Forte D and Forte Nerve B.