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The story began in Ault, in 1962. Simone Véret, a pharmacist and strongly committed woman prepared formulations in the back room of her pharmacy. She invented combinations of active ingredients and very quickly discovered their power to treat her clients. Her pharmacy, located right beside the beach was never empty. Holiday-makers lathered themselves in Filtrasol before going to the beach, and those who had been in the sun for too long used Calmobrul. Robert Véret witnessed these small miracles on a daily basis and encouraged her to launch her own brand... SVR was born!

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Our skin is all that is between us and the outside world. The skin barrier – when working correctly – protects us from environmental stresses and should heal fast and cleanly from physical trauma like cuts burns and grazes. When we are in balance, it doesn’t feel tight, or appear congested or blemished or ashy. Our busy lifestyles and environmental toxicity can put a strain on our bodies, so sometimes we need support and help to get our skin and our bodies (and ultimately our sense of wellbeing) back in balance.  This is where SVR steps in. SVR is a French Pharmacy Dermatological Skincare brand solving skin problems since 1962. The brand is created by pharmacists and prescribed by doctors. Safe, incredibly effective, and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

In the last years, SVR has been committed to better understanding endocrine disruptors and how to limit our exposure to them. Concerned about the safety and tolerance of their products products  SVR is devoted to developing clean formulas, without identifying endocrine-disrupting substances that can hurt our endocrine system. To go further, by doing recognized tests on their finished products, in their final packaging, to verify that they do not activate endocrine mechanisms. To choose packaging that is lightened in plastic, recycled and recyclable materials.