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Published on: 14th August 2023

Hydration Myths


Myth: You need to drink 8 glasses of Water a Day
Fact: The rule is a general guideline, human body water’s needs can change considering age, gender, weight, activity level, and climate.

Myth: Clear urine means you’re Hydrated
Fact: It is not always an accurate indicator. Urine colour may be affected by factors like diet, supplements, and medications.

Myth: Caffeinated Beverages Cause Dehydration
Fact: Moderate consumption of caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea doesn’t lead to significant dehydration.

Myth: Drinking water prevents Muscle cramps
Fact: Muscle cramps can be caused by various factors including electrolyte imbalances, overuse, and fatigue.

Myth: Drinking water can help to lose weight
Fact: Some studies showed that drinking water may lead to weight loss in case it is replacing sugary beverages like soda, beer, or sweet juices.

Myth: Hydration is Only Important in Hot weather or during exercise
Fact: Hydration is essential year-round.

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