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The brand GSE®, whose formulation is the basis of most Prodeco products, in Italy is exclusively owned by Prodeco Pharma. The extract is known for its excellent antimicrobial properties, effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and parasites. What’s most surprising and unrivalled in the field is, beyond its efficacy, its speed of action, its selectivity in its ability to distinguish between pathogenic and beneficial bacteria, as well as its safety profile. Therefore, GSE represents a valid alternative treatment against many bacterial infections that do not require the use of antibiotics or against viral or fungal infections where antibiotics are not useful.

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Phytotherapy for your health

For Prodeco, being ethical means keeping their promises and having the courage to do the right thing for themselves and others, whilst respecting their values and principles. At Prodeco they imagine a future where helping rather than hindering becomes the only sustainable life choice for common health and well-being.

Prodeco’s behaviour is always driven towards providing well-being and support to their spokespersons, whether internal company employees or partners. What in corporate terms is defined as a mission is for Prodeco a true “raison d’être” that goes beyond profit. The brand is guided by three highly ethical values that give a deep sense to their work, effort and successes each day: Love, Well-being and Sustainability. A “shared journey” towards life, health and its intrinsic link with happiness. A personal and professional mission that is governed by the absolute value of LOVE.

Prodeco’s purpose is not to hinder the physiological processes of the organism. Theirs is a holistic approach. An approach that encourages the restoring of the physical balance, by facing the causes as efficiently as possible and by ensuring a fast relief of all the symptoms.