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Who we are is one of the leading healthcare sector companies in Malta and Gozo. With more than 15 years of experience, we continue to work for your health and to improve your quality of life.

The way ahead

Pharma.MT is a youthful, dynamic company, yet we collectively bring a wealth of extensive experience. Our team is intensely driven and committed, which has led to substantial growth over the recent years and successful partnerships with renowned international brands.

Establishing ourselves as the leading supplier of medical supplies and related goods is our primary objective. works with community pharmacies and has established strong ties with the medical community.

Priority is given to hiring employees with the right qualifications and values as they are the most vital component of our company. Our Human Resources team manages talent effectively, with a focus on wellbeing, training, and continuous development. is comprised of highly skilled sales and marketing specialists, medical scientific liaisons, and market access professionals who work closely with the business development team. We have a dynamic Quality, Regulatory, Compliance, and Pharmacovigilance Department, and our in-house Responsible Persons and Qualified Persons ensure we remain fully GDP and GMP compliant and certified. The Logistics and Procurement department works closely with Finance and Administration to ensure smooth operations and efficiency in all our business activities.

Our Values

At our foundation is built on a set of core values that define who we are and guide every aspect of our business. These principles embody our commitment to excellence, integrity, and a shared vision for success. As you explore our values, you’ll discover the essence of our corporate culture, shaping the way we interact with our clients, partners, and each other.


Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions. We value diversity, foster inclusivity, and treat everyone with dignity. Recognizing the unique strengths of each individual, we create an environment where every voice is heard, and opinions are valued.


In the face of challenges, we embrace resilience as a driving force. At Pharma.MT, we view setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. With determination and adaptability, we navigate obstacles, turning adversity into strength, ensuring our continuous evolution and success.


Ambition fuels our pursuit of excellence. We set high standards and strive for continuous improvement. We encourage bold ideas, innovative thinking, and the pursuit of ambitious goals. Our collective ambition propels us forward, driving the success of our company and the individuals within it.


Discipline forms the bedrock of our work ethic. We adhere to rigorous standards and commit to the disciplined execution of our tasks. With focus and dedication, we achieve our objectives, ensuring the highest quality in all aspects of our work.


Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We value the power of teamwork, recognizing that collective efforts yield superior results. We foster an environment where ideas are shared, and each team member plays a crucial role in achieving our common goals.


At Pharma.MT, competence is non-negotiable. We are committed to continuous learning and development, ensuring that our skills and knowledge remain at the forefront of our industry. Our dedication to competence enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.

To work towards collective success by redifining and raising industry standards and supplying high quality innovative products through parthers with the aim to improve the holistic well-being and lifestyle of our end consumer.

Our Mission aspires to be at the forefront of promoting and providing innovative healthcare products and services.

Our Brands

Aboca is an Italian healthcare company that makes effective, safe and 100% natural products, based on scientific evidence and developed with a Systems Medicine approach. Everything is connected and interdependent in the human body, just as it is in nature and that is why for over 40 years Aboca have been looking at health in a new way, revisiting the intricate pathophysiological mechanisms of the body and looking for solutions for human health in the complexity of nature.
Pharma MT have been the sole distributors of Aboca products in Malta since 2010. Today, we have developed the brand to the point that some of our products have become top sellers on the local market like Grintuss, Sollievo and Melilax.

Biogen is a leading global biotechnology company that pioneers science and drives innovations for complex and devastating diseases. Biogen is advancing a pipeline of potential therapies across neurology, neuropsychiatry, specialized immunology and rare disease and remains acutely focused on its purpose of serving humanity through science while advancing a healthier, more sustainable and equitable world. Founded in 1978, Biogen has pioneered multiple breakthrough innovations including a broad portfolio of medicines to treat multiple sclerosis, the first approved treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, and two co-developed treatments to address a defining pathology of Alzheimer’s disease.

Established in 1970 Clonmel Healthcare Ltd has been supplying pharmaceutical products for 50 years both internationally and in Ireland. Today the company is the Irish affiliate of STADA AG. of Frankfurt, Germany. Clonmel Healthcare Ltd has three distinct businesses, Clonmel Prescription Division, Clonmel Specialised Product Division, and its Over The Counter (OTC) Medicines Division. Present in Malta for over 10 years, through its exclusive partner Pharma MT, Clonmel Healthcare Ltd is synonymous with the highest levels of quality in supplying pharmaceutical products.

Eau Thermale Avène, a Pierre Fabre brand, is a French skincare brand that is highly recommended by dermatologists. It offers treatments dedicated to all skin types, even the most sensitive, from dry, atopic to oily, acne-prone skin, hydration, sun care and beyond. Avène Thermal Spring Water is at the heart of all its products: a unique active ingredient that restores the skin barrier, it is used at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center to treat skin pathologies, such as eczema or the side effects of cancer treatments. The brand is also committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as Skin Protect, Ocean Respect and Eau Thermale Avène Skin & Cancer. Locally, Pharma MT have been the sole distributors of Eau Thermale Avène products since 2016 and the brand has become a major player on the dermocosmetic market.

Fittydent International is an Austrian company founded in 1982. They specialize in the manufacture and marketing of unique Denture Care and Oral Hygiene Products. For more than three decades they have pursued their main objective:
To provide denture wearers with a feeling of freedom and security that significantly improves their quality of life. The production standards of Fittydent International meet or exceed the most demanding quality controls (ISO 13485) and hold a EU medical device status. Rigorous testing and the best quality raw materials assure the highest level of quality of all Fittydent products.

Gonadosan is a young Swiss-Austrian company dedicated to new life and known by its premium nutraceutical brand called Fertilovit®. In Gonadosan’s interdisciplinary team and international cooperations, they work at developing innovative orthomolecular concepts. Highly specific complex micronutrient preparations offer research-based dietetic support for men and women. From preconception to pregnancy, from endometriosis to limited semen quality – Gonadosan has the optimized dietetic solution. Gonadosan is one of Pharma MT’s newest brands, launched officially in Malta in 2022.

Prodeco Pharma is an Italian healthcare company that have been building responses for people’s health for more than 30 years, providing phytotherapeutic solutions that are able to treat the root causes of the problem and evaluating the choices that will keep both body and mind in good health. Prodeco Pharma share a passion for nature and are fully devoted to acting in a coherent, responsible, and sustainable manner to create a 360° culture of well-being. Prodeco Pharma was launched locally by Pharma MT in 2019.

Quest was established in 1983 by Dr Ahmed Hassam, who recognised that the market wanted nutritional supplements of the highest quality, backed by scientific research, for specific health needs. Dr Hassam made it his passion to formulate superior products, source only the finest ingredients and use the latest and most sensitive manufacturing techniques. Quest is guided by science, inspired by nature. This means that it creates highly effective, natural alternatives through industry-leading in-house manufacturing standards, in-house quality control and continuous innovation. Pharma MT launched Quest in Malta back in 2008. Ever since, it has become the number one food supplement brand on the local market.

STADA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals. With a long-standing heritage rooted in pharmacies, they are perceived as a reliable and trustworthy partner for more than 125 years. With their products they help people protect and regain a dignified and able life. With STADA’s proven Generics, that ensure that everyday health remains affordable. STADA owns the rights to manufacture Sanofi Consumer Products which Pharma.MT are distributing since 2021 on the Maltese Market. Consumer Healthcare Sanofi empowers people to champion better self-care for themselves, their communities and our planet, through our consumer-inspired, science-based products and solutions.

SVR is a French dermocosmetic brand that is unique in its values of producing highly efficient, clinically proven formulas, with a strict formulation charter using natural, clean, biodegradable ingredients, with sensorial textures and pleasurable fragrances. The brand was created by Simone and Robert Véret in 1962 on the conviction that dermatology makes you more beautiful. SVR has put environmental protection at the heart of its strategy by committing to packaging made from recycled and recyclable material. Furthermore, the brand has introduced eco-refills of its best-sellers TOPIALYSE which help with the reduction of plastic consumption. Pharma MT has been the sole distributors of SVR products on the local market in 2009.

“We’ve found that stock the best products for our pharmacy.”

Jonathan, Pharmacist

Leading the Next Generation of Pharma


Pharma.MT opened its doors in Gzira with 6 employees and 1 small office/store room.


After continued growth we celebrated 10 years and started modernizing and embarked on restructure and professional development programs.


Invested in new Luqa premises to sustain continued growth and further development and ready for new launches and core business refocus.

and beyond…

We are embracing the 21st century and moving deeper into digitalisation to become more efficient and ensure our customers continue to receive the best care.

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